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I’ve Got a Mean Right Hook…

I mean, crochet, of course. Although – fun fact! – I did take a couple kickboxing classes a few years ago. I really enjoyed it, and will probably do it again someday!

But now, crochet things. ALL the things. I haven’t even had time to blog, I’ve been so busy buying yarn, starting up MORE projects and watching my daughter run around in my hats.

I started a slouchy for a friend – I learned a few new stitches! I hope it works out. Also started a Winnie Vest for myself. Three times, I started and frogged it, actually. But now it is coming along swimmingly. I don’t have any good pictures of this, except this Instagram one of me being a ham…

I’ve added a few rows since. For the (limited time only!) free pattern, go to:

I’ve never made myself clothing before, so I’m excited to see how this one turns out! 🙂

Anyways, kind of looking like spring is NOT around the corner. (It snowed earlier. Yuck.) Hopefully it is nicer wherever you are!

Happy Weekend!


**Edit: I forgot to add, I have yet another project I will be starting, and I will be using Scheepjes yarn for it! This yarn is from Europe, and my goodness, Europeans can knit and crochet! Anyways, I look forward to showing you that, down the road. 🙂

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