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I’ve Got a Mean Right Hook…

I mean, crochet, of course. Although – fun fact! – I did take a couple kickboxing classes a few years ago. I really enjoyed it, and will probably do it again someday!

But now, crochet things. ALL the things. I haven’t even had time to blog, I’ve been so busy buying yarn, starting up MORE projects and watching my daughter run around in my hats.

I started a slouchy for a friend – I learned a few new stitches! I hope it works out. Also started a Winnie Vest for myself. Three times, I started and frogged it, actually. But now it is coming along swimmingly. I don’t have any good pictures of this, except this Instagram one of me being a ham…

I’ve added a few rows since. For the (limited time only!) free pattern, go to:


I’ve never made myself clothing before, so I’m excited to see how this one turns out! 🙂

Anyways, kind of looking like spring is NOT around the corner. (It snowed earlier. Yuck.) Hopefully it is nicer wherever you are!

Happy Weekend!


**Edit: I forgot to add, I have yet another project I will be starting, and I will be using Scheepjes yarn for it! This yarn is from Europe, and my goodness, Europeans can knit and crochet! Anyways, I look forward to showing you that, down the road. 🙂

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A Little Sidetracked…

I needed a little break from the poncho. (And the phone pouch… and the blanket, the halter top… etc!)

So, I decided to try my hand at crochet motifs and squares.

Attempt # 1 of a lacy link pattern…

Umm… ick.

It didn’t take me long to realize I definitely missed a chain consistently in Rnd 2. (I’m also using a medium weight yarn, which probably isn’t ideal for this – it just happened to be the only ball of yarn without a project attached to it! 🙈)

Attempt #2:

Oh hey! That’s a bit better.

Improvement is good. So, what can I tackle next?

I have been wanting to try a willow square ever since I saw them on Pinterest. I think they are so lovely! I especially love them in solid color blocks, made into a blanket.

I had troubles finding a written, free pattern though. But I found a diagram! And I gave it a whirl.


I love it.

Unfortunately, I cannot find where this pattern is from – even the Pinterest link does nothing more but take you to the same photo.

But this is what I used:

[I didn’t know what the solid rectangles meant, so I used slipstitches – but I think they are actually supposed to be single crochet. (US terms) ]

Anyways, I think I have to make a willow square blanket now.

But first, I need more yarn.

(Always more yarn! Always more projects!)

Have you tackled anything new lately? How did it go?

Happy Weekend! 😄

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WIP Wednesday; No Froggies Today!

“Mommy is making you something” I said to our 17-months-old daughter.

“Hat?” She asks excitedly.

“No, not a hat. A poncho. Kind of like a coat.” I slide my few rows over her head.

She frowns. Then immediately tries to pull it off.

Soo… I’m making a poncho for my daughter, but she might hate ponchos. 😜

Ah, well. It’s a good learning experience, and I’m happy with how it’s turning out. 😊

Maybe something I can add to my someday-shop? 😊

Not sure how many more rows I’ll add , but want to finish it off with some pink and/or green fringe.

On a random note, all these crochet pages on instagram have my head spinning! In a good way, that is. Every night it’s a battle to go to sleep, because I’m too busy dreaming awake. Not just of what I want to make next, but where I want to go with this craft. Seriously, the possibilities are so limitless I am giddy.

I haven’t dreamed in a long time. And I can’t wait to see what is next! ❤

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Hello Froggy, My Old Friend…

I guess being sick throws off my groove.

Or maybe it’s the curse of green yarn…

I just wanted to try my hand at a poncho for my baby girl. So I found a shell pattern and gave that a go…

It looks prettier in picture, than it did in reality. One more row after this, and I frogged it. The pattern was just a little above my skill level.

Then I tried a granny poncho. I had to look at a few patterns to get the idea. After row 2 though, something didn’t match up. So I frogged it and tried again.

After a while, I was actually beginning to feel good about it. I learned a couple things. I felt like I found my groove!

Then I laid it down.

Wait a second. Why does one side look LONGER?

So I counted my clusters. And sure enough, one side was indeed longer. So I guess I’m froggin’ this again.


Why does my crochet work have to mirror my life?

At least baby girl is finally on the mend, after a wicked ear infection. Now it’s MY turn to be sick. And hubby is working 7 days a week.

At least the sun is shining.

I hope baby girl has a nice long nap today. I’m determined to get this poncho right!

On a random note, it’s Sunday and I might have had trifle for breakfast… 😉


March is …

My birthday month! (30, here I come!)

I also JUST learned that March is also national crochet month. How did I not know this?? It’s like crochet and I were meant to be!

So now, I’m super pumped.

Make all the things!

Also, those seem like good reasons to build up my yarn collection. Right? 😛

Bracing myself for a winter storm due later today. Basically, it’s not spring until June. If we’re lucky.

Anyways, Happy crochet month! 😊

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My Etsy Shop Delay

In previous posts, I had mentioned that I hope to open an Etsy shop someday – maybe as early as Spring!

I had a game plan. I made a list of expenses. I made a list of inventory ideas. I made a list of goals. A list of work-in-progress. I have lists coming out of…who knows where!

My inventory lists were things I thought would SELL. Which sounds reasonable, right?

But the moment a shop idea becomes more about making money than anything else, the quicker the passion fades. The faster that creative spark dies.

I’ve been growing bored of plain beanies, and pouches and phone cozies. Most of these, in fact, sit unfinished. Which means my inventory count sits at about… 1. (Honestly, more like 0.9)

Good start to a shop, don’tcha think? 😛

Even my husband said to me, “make things you want to make.” (Ah, spouses – our fountains of wisdom when our brains are too scattered!)

So, I still have multiple works-in-progress. But now I have ideas. I have an ever-growing list of things I want to make, or at least try. And I hope in time, I will get better at this craft. I hope, in time, I will start up that Etsy Shop. Just might not be in April, as I had hoped.

All that said, what are some things I Want to make? Things for myself, my daughter, my home, my friends. I’ll show you once I start these things. 😉

Which reminds me!

My daughter lately has a thing for hats. But she has so much purple! So I wanted to make her a Spring hat – In pink, because we’re original like that. ;P

The jellyfish hat?

But I have this curse, it seems. It was much too small. I guess I better learn to learn to check gauge…

Ah, well. It looks cute on her cabbage patch doll.

I’m sure I’ll try it again. It is very cute!

Click one of the two pictures above for the pattern I used. 😊

The sun has been shining, so I’ve been itching for Spring.

Have you started any Spring projects? 🙂

** Edit : I live in Northern Canada, and JUST found out we are under a winter storm warning for tonight/tomorrow. Better catch that sun! 😂**


A New Day

Sunny winter day. Maybe Spring is on it’s way!

Honestly… Thank the Lord for a new day. It has been a lame week and a terribly long weekend. Husband has been away last week, and is again this week for out of town audits. Then he busts his butt on the weekends playing catch-up with the rest of his work.

Ah, tax season.

On top of that, baby girl has been sick all week. And yesterday, we all cracked. After she woke up screaming for the 5th or 6th time, in the wee hours of the morning, I broke down and cried. Again.

Motherhood is the craziest ride I’ve ever been on. (And continue to be on!) My little girl fills me with so much joy, I feel like my heart could actually physically burst. And then some days are so intense, that I am reduced to a heap of broken tears.

I think even my crochet skills have synced with my mood lately. Every day, I would attempt a new project; and every day, I would frog it.

Rip it.

Rip it.

Rip it.

But it’s a new day. And I hope and pray it’s a better week. ❤

(I also hope nap time goes longer than 20 minutes… Then maybe I might be able to show you what I’m working on… more than just a starting chain! 😉)

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My New Fave Baby Hat!

I made a thing! And it’s not a hard-on-the-eyes, poorly-sewn-together thing!

Not long after I was invited to a baby shower, did I decide I wanted to make part of the gift. And not long after that, did I decide on a baby hat.

And what’s cuter than a baby hat? One with ears! 😊 So after much Pinterest perusal, I used ( and fell in love with!) this pattern:


Now, I don’t know how my fellow crocheters start, count, and end rounds for a hat/beanie, but this person does so in such a way that makes the seam almost invisible. She chains 2 at the beginning of each round, counts it as a stitch in her stitch count, but still slip stitch joins to the first real DC, Not the chain.

Is this obvious to everyone else? Or have I just been using bogus patterns? 😛 Anyways, the pieces…

Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE weaving in ends? Is this a common thing among crocheters and knitters?

The finished work:

And look! Where’s that seam??

I will definitely be making more of these in the future!

**Oh! And just an extra note on the pattern: I used the 4mm hook as directed and Vannas choice yarn in taupe. But next time I will probably use a 4.25mm hook, as my first attempt did seem awfully small. This hat is the 3-6 month size. (Better too big than too small!)**

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Throwback Thursday 3

Diving into the past again! August 2016; a month before my daughter was born. At the time, we didn’t know she would be a girl. But I still wanted to decorate the nursery. As we were in a basement suite, I needed at least one nice room in our very very modest space!

So at 8 months pregnant, with a little pinspiration 😉, I set to work taping, cutting and painting.

Annnd, the finished pieces! I tried to find something to go with the already grey walls, but doesn’t anything?

The colors make me happy. 😊

But I haven’t put them up since we moved! I considered selling them, as they don’t suit baby girl’s new room, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Feeling sentimental or something, I guess.

Anyways, here is one more picture which shows all 5 actually on the wall…

Wait, 5?

I guess I love my husband. He made a joke that a wookie is kind of like a woodland creature. (He is a big Star Wars nerd). So I surprised him with this.

This photo doesn’t do it justice. But whenever I see all 5, I smile to myself. And then that song – “one of these things is not like the other” – starts playing in my head…

Hope you all are having a lovely Thursday!