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Goodbye, Hello

It doesn’t feel quite right to a let a blog die without one last goodbye.

It seems I start most posts with how “crazy” life has been. (Maybe as an apology for not posting?) I guess that will always be life’s way for us.

Our 2018 ended with some big things, including my biggest crochet project to date, this sunflower blanket;

But, something even bigger…

Finding out we are expecting!

Baby #2 is due at the end of April. With this big change, I’ve also been rethinking my goals/plans for my crochet…

Things like, do I like the name “cloudy day creations”?; do I want to be a business or a small side hustle? Do I want to make to sell at all? Do I want to sell at a holiday market next fall? What kind of style and brand do I want to create for myself? Do I want to be a pattern designer? A brand ambassador? Tester?

The list goes on.

Right now, I’m just working on personal makes, while trying to decide what to make for baby #2.

That said, I will no longer be posting on this blog.

Thank you for sticking around. If you are still interested in what I’m working on, please check out my Instagram: chelcdawn. And say hi!

Happy March, and National Crochet Month! I hope you are making things that being you joy. :)!!

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A Lil’ Something… For Me

Did I mention it has been a crazy few months? Maybe once or twice?

I’ve felt off ever since our life finally slowed down a tiny bit. Crochet has become my sanity; my creative outlet, my prayer. It is such a part of me now, that I rarely go a single day without it!

Do you have something like that in your life?

It kind of keeps me grounded when the rest of life threatens to push me off the edge. It is often a favorite part of my day. Well, next after my baby girl’s giggles. 🙂

But I lost a little momentum with the hats… I was starting to feel as though my entire life revolved around everyone else.

And I grew weary.

So, during our family holidays, I took a solo trip to a local yarn store. Just thinking of the colors and the squish and the options galore! – it makes me sigh a happy sigh.

I was shown a Pima cotton/linen blend by Cascade yarns. On clearance. And I fell in love. I then decided I was going to make something just for ME.

I had saved the honey bird triangle scarf on my phone just a week or so earlier; I knew it was the perfect pattern. (Another pattern by @hopefulhoney )

I got to work immediately after holidays, now a new spark ignited within me.

My enthusiasm for this color transferred to my toes!

A few weeks later, I had created my new favorite accessory.

Love the tassels. The picot edging. The colors. If you crochet, you need to make a triangle scarf right now.

Like, seriously.

Do it.

Here’s Olivia’s (of hopefulhoney) easy and beautiful pattern:

Anyways, I hope you all are making the most of your summer!

For those of you that still tune in to my once-a-month posts, thank you.

And, for those of you that prefer Instagram , you can find my current makes at @chelcdawn


God Bless! ❤

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Giving Back Plan of Attack

I meant to write and post this A LOT earlier, but life can get busy. June was an especially crazy month as I tried to keep our lives afloat while the husband worked overtime and did school 7 days a week, often working until 11pm or midnight, and not seeing our little girl for days at a time.

I had a really hard time going through this. I felt emotional and tired most of the time, and just needed something or some way to shift my focus.

This brings me to the title, Giving Back. If I recall correctly, my last post was a challenge to myself (and others) to give out of our abundance; to find a way to somehow give back.

Well, I have a little time, and a lot of yarn…

And so, my plan is a simple one. I am going to make at least 40 hats by October 31st, which I plan to donate to the hospital, and hopefully at least one other local organization that might need them.

Parker hat by Sewrella. Click photo for pattern.

I love this simple pattern by Ashleigh of Sewrella. They work up pretty quick. These are the first few hats I made. But then, I was on a roll…

A few more made, including a navy turban hat. (By Olivia of Hopeful Honey; click here for pattern) As well as a navy preemie newsboy hat, pictured above in my hand. For the newsboy hat pattern, click here.

I love how quick baby hats work up, but plan to work on making more adult hats next.

So this is what keeps my crafty side busy lately!

I apologize for how few these posts have been lately. For more regular updates on my projects and wips, check out my Instagram account @chelcdawn. 🙂

Now excuse me as I go listen to the thunderstorm. 🖤

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Sunday Thoughts

I was challenged by today’s sermon, reminding us that the abundant life does not mean abundant things. That we are called to give out of what we are given; nothing is really ours anyways, but God’s. We came into the world with nothing, and we will leave with nothing.

And I wondered, what have I been given in abundance, that I should be sharing?

It’s a challenge for everyone, really.

Is it money? Skills? Time?

This got me thinking about my crochet. Can I use that somehow to give back? Especially since recently acquiring a very large bag of yarn, for free.

So I’m tossing around ideas, and will get back to you. 🙂

How about you? Do you give back in some way? Or do you plan to? I’d love to know!


Sunflower coasters I made.
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Finished Off Friday! Sort of…

Sorry I have been so absent lately! We FINALLY ended tax season, just in time for my husband to start his school modules a few days later. Which means, he’s basically back to tax hours: 6 to 7 days a week, from 8 am often until 10 or 11pm.

It sucks so much.

So baby girl’s sleep time is when I tackle ALL. THE. THINGS. But things are getting done! Crochet skill is improving! I feel I have so much to share!

I promise I’m not yelling at you…

Anywho, I’ll start with… the huntley gift bag!


Made with Scheejes Cahlista cotton. A cute bag, and I have no idea what to do with it. 😂 And I have been crushing so hard on dark blues and pinks lately!

This pattern is worked up with two strands at the same time. You can click the photo above to go to this pattern by little monkeys crochet. 🙂

Okay, so I guess that’s the only thing I finished. But I’m working on so many others!

I’m almost done the poncho –

Just want to add a little fringe to it.

Annnnd, I started a gift for a friend…

Click the photo for the pattern I used!

Actually, this is almost done too. Just weaving in the ends now. (Which I actually don’t hate to do as much as I thought I would! But I do worry about them staying in place…)

And, one more thing! I stepped it up a notch.

If I can do beginner patterns, why not intermediate?

So I started the mandala vest by lavender chair. (Pattern here)

Well actually, I started it like 3 weeks ago. I’ll save the other progress pictures for my next post. 🙂 I’m pretty excited with how it’s going though. Almost used up my first cake of yarn. I used lionbrand mandala yarn. (Warlock, I think it was?)

I can’t wait to show you more!

Now that warmer weather has FINALLY arrived, I’m finding there’s a whole list of new patterns I want to make. I wish I had more free time!

If you are interested in some of the makers I follow on Instagram, I can throw that in my next post. Because there are SO MANY; and often they are releasing original, brand-spanking-new designs on their blogs – for free! So, do let me know if that’s a list you would be in to, and I can whip one up in the next few days. 😊

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Still Truckin’ Along

The thing with being on multiple social media platforms, is that eventually you may cave and cater to the “easiest” one. Or, the one that presents best, that instant gratification my millennial generation is known to strive for.

Ugh. I hate the word millenial. It is always said with such a negative connotation, and I hate being stereotyped because of my age. Or because I sometimes indulge in technology.

Anyways, that’s a train for another time and place.

In short, I’ve dived into Instagram and backed off of blogging these past couple of weeks.

My last post was a much happier one; embracing 30! Except, my birthday unfortunately ended not well… having to wait hours at the hospital after my baby swallowed a piece of a plastic fork. (In the end, she was fine. And the fork piece… made it’s way out. 😛 )

Ok – finally – crochet things! I tried again to make my girl a hat. I finally frogged it a 2nd ( or was it 3rd?) time, and then completely winged it. And Hey! THIS HAT FITS! 😁

I still have that green poncho stashed away somewhere. I finally ordered more yarn, so maybe I can actually finish it this month!

I also received my Scheepjes Cahlista yarn. I’m not very familiar with cotton yarns. This seemed relatively soft for cotton, but it seemed to split too easily for my liking. And was not really what I had envisioned for the baby blanket I wanted to make…

But I can’t let it go to waste! So I started the Huntley crochet gift bag, by little monkeys crochet. Here it is so far:

Coming along nicely! For the pattern, just click on the photo. Or you can click here. 😊

Gosh it has been a while! Have I showed you my almost-finished winnie hooded vest? Here’s another photo for ya!

Hoping to take better photos, if I ever get around to attaching the pockets. I’m terrible for final details. This pattern is by life and yarn. Such a cute, versatile vest. (I just wish I made it a little bigger!) Again, click on above photo to go to pattern. It’s only free for a limited time!

I think that is all I have for you now. I’m sitting here today hopelessly waiting for Spring to come. Honestly, this is the LONGEST winter ever.

Spring, where are you??

I hope wherever you are, my fellow reader and bloggers, you are finding just enough sunshine to make your heart bloom. 😊🌹


The Big 3-0!

When we are young, we want to be older. When we are older, we wish to be younger.

But I am so ready to embrace NOW.

I started building up expectations as to what my GOLDEN birthday should look like. I mean, 30 on the 30th! 😄🌹 But I’m stomping out those expectations. I don’t want to feel like I’ve been “let down” if one thing doesn’t work out. Instead, I want to shift gears from expecting/hoping, to planning and doing. I want to be more grateful for family and friends – more grateful in general! – and I just want to rock a new attitude.

Annnnd, maybe new hair. 😉

I feel like my 30s will be some of the best years of my life. I can hardly wait!

What was your favorite age?


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A Non-Slouchy Slouchy..?

This gauge thing will be the end of me.

Everything I make comes out small! I crochet so tight. I don’t mean to! It might come down to my wonky technique. I learned to crochet through written instructions, and trial and error. At the time, it never occurred to me to learn from a video.

Up until a few months ago, I also thought I had to tighten the yarn every time I yarn-over’d and pulled up a loop. It’s no wonder my first hats had ZERO stretch! 😂

As mentioned in my last post, I let a friend choose a slouchy pattern. And it was hard at first. It took many attempts to figure out this weird front-cross-double-crochet and back-cross-double-crochet. But I persevered guys! And it was looking good!

Then I tried it on.

No slouch.

Oops. That would be my tight-crocheting once again! But I think this pattern is fun, and I might try it again someday – I think if I add to the starter chain in multiples of 2, and go up a hook size, I might finally get that desired slouch.

If you want to check out the pattern yourself, you can click the photo above, or click here. It is by Kinga Erdem @My Hobby is Crochet. 😊

In other news, still hooking away on my Winnie Vest.

I never seem to have a recent picture – but I’m as far as the second arm hole now. Woohoo! (Here’s hoping it fits!) It’s a cute fun vest, perfect for easing into spring.

(Click here for the pattern. Free for only a limited time!)

The weekend comes and goes so fast. But I’m a Mom. So everyday is a combination of Monday and Friday!

What are you working on this week?


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I’ve Got a Mean Right Hook…

I mean, crochet, of course. Although – fun fact! – I did take a couple kickboxing classes a few years ago. I really enjoyed it, and will probably do it again someday!

But now, crochet things. ALL the things. I haven’t even had time to blog, I’ve been so busy buying yarn, starting up MORE projects and watching my daughter run around in my hats.

I started a slouchy for a friend – I learned a few new stitches! I hope it works out. Also started a Winnie Vest for myself. Three times, I started and frogged it, actually. But now it is coming along swimmingly. I don’t have any good pictures of this, except this Instagram one of me being a ham…

I’ve added a few rows since. For the (limited time only!) free pattern, go to:

I’ve never made myself clothing before, so I’m excited to see how this one turns out! 🙂

Anyways, kind of looking like spring is NOT around the corner. (It snowed earlier. Yuck.) Hopefully it is nicer wherever you are!

Happy Weekend!


**Edit: I forgot to add, I have yet another project I will be starting, and I will be using Scheepjes yarn for it! This yarn is from Europe, and my goodness, Europeans can knit and crochet! Anyways, I look forward to showing you that, down the road. 🙂

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A Little Sidetracked…

I needed a little break from the poncho. (And the phone pouch… and the blanket, the halter top… etc!)

So, I decided to try my hand at crochet motifs and squares.

Attempt # 1 of a lacy link pattern…

Umm… ick.

It didn’t take me long to realize I definitely missed a chain consistently in Rnd 2. (I’m also using a medium weight yarn, which probably isn’t ideal for this – it just happened to be the only ball of yarn without a project attached to it! 🙈)

Attempt #2:

Oh hey! That’s a bit better.

Improvement is good. So, what can I tackle next?

I have been wanting to try a willow square ever since I saw them on Pinterest. I think they are so lovely! I especially love them in solid color blocks, made into a blanket.

I had troubles finding a written, free pattern though. But I found a diagram! And I gave it a whirl.


I love it.

Unfortunately, I cannot find where this pattern is from – even the Pinterest link does nothing more but take you to the same photo.

But this is what I used:

[I didn’t know what the solid rectangles meant, so I used slipstitches – but I think they are actually supposed to be single crochet. (US terms) ]

Anyways, I think I have to make a willow square blanket now.

But first, I need more yarn.

(Always more yarn! Always more projects!)

Have you tackled anything new lately? How did it go?

Happy Weekend! 😄